Freedom of Religion and of Worldview

Whatever “God” you believe in; Whatever your religion or your weltanschauung is: Don’t force or coerce anyone into anything; Do not claim power because of it; And therefore do no harm. . N.B. on the claim to power: In my understanding, power should be transferred and legitimized on the basis of qualifications and in a … Continue reading Freedom of Religion and of Worldview

Reduced shortening

What science is not suitable for Throughout the 2020 pandemic, we were kept daily informed about what was happening around the globe, about infection and death rates, but also about many of the conspiracy theories that flourished and flourished in connection with the pandemic. I do not want to go into the details at this … Continue reading Reduced shortening

The Cube Moon – a serious short satire

I believe that the moon is a cube. I also believe that anyone who believes this too has a chance of going to paradise, while anyone who does not believe this has a chance of going to hell. Now everybody has a free choice. No one is forced to do anything. No one will be … Continue reading The Cube Moon – a serious short satire

Blasphemy guards and deniers of God

About the piousness Profanity, commonly translated as "blasphemy", although it only means "damage to reputation", is a term that is interpreted and weighted differently depending on one's personal sense of justice. In some places, "blasphemy" is considered a crime worthy of death, while elsewhere it is not legally classified and not evaluated. I think the … Continue reading Blasphemy guards and deniers of God

Despotism, promises of paradise, and the Stockholm syndrome

Despotism in this world and promise of paradise for the hereafter The Stockholm syndrome is explained as a psychological phenomenon in which «hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors during captivity». The positive emotional relationship is explained, among other things, by the fact that «even the smallest concessions» on the part of the hostage-takers … Continue reading Despotism, promises of paradise, and the Stockholm syndrome

Koran rejected – a turn of time

A non-satire But it happened at a time when the end of the Second World War was just a few weeks ago. Allah had started to think. Not that Allah was responsible for the Second World War and the atrocities committed during this international massacre, or that there was an instruction or instruction in his … Continue reading Koran rejected – a turn of time

Be so dear …

A mindgame Rome, Easter Sunday 2019, "urbi et orbi" it says like every year, "the city and the world". On this day, however, the paronomasia of the monarch of Vatican City is perhaps directed to a particular address, which the Pope does not mention by name and does not condemn. On the previous Good Friday … Continue reading Be so dear …

No compulsion to believe?

"There is no coercion in faith" is a frequently quoted phrase to represent or underpin the supposed tolerance of Islam in matters of faith. The exact source is often omitted, and the context of the sentence is often not explained in detail. In another translation this sentence reads "There shall be no compulsion in faith" … Continue reading No compulsion to believe?

Reverse conclusion

If it were - related to the respective religion or other ideology, not to humans - Islamophobic (anti-Islamic), hostile to Judaism (anti-Jewish), hostile to Christianity (anti-Christian), whatever-hostile (anti-whatsoever) to criticize human rights violations and despotism as well as other injustices: What did this mean in reverse ? . German version: Wenn es — bezogen auf … Continue reading Reverse conclusion